Winding Springs Treehouse


Ionia, MI, United States

Short Description

Treehouse Resort in Ionia Michigan


Our first custom-built treehouse Winding Springs will comfortably host 6 Guests and is ADA accessible. It features a spiral staircase to the loft area, breathtaking views of the stream and hills from the master bedroom, an electric fireplace, an all glass shower in the bathroom, a private entry, a 400 sq. foot balcony with panoramic views, and an enclosed 4 season patio with a glass encased tree running through it to bring in the wildlife. The master bedroom has a queen bed, the living area has a pull out sleeper sofa, and the loft space with 2 comfortable bunk beds. The bath is fully stocked with towels, travel size soap and shampoo/conditioner. It has a full shower (no tub). The kitchenette area features a sink, microwave, small fridge, a 2 burner counter stove top, & Keurig coffees maker (Pot and K-Cups). The treehouse also has an outdoor grills and firepits.


Tree Vistas does not have a management team or someone on site during your visit. You will be provided access instructions and a house manual with your personal guidebook that will be sent to you in your check-in instructions. Should you need any further assistance during your stay, we will provide a local host contact for you to reach if necessary.


Tree Vistas occupies 6 acres nestled into the hills of Eastern Ionia Michigan with the Meijer Trail and Grand River at its southern boundary. Custom built treehouse open all year round to enjoy the four seasons Michigan offers, while offering many amenities and things to do. Please visit for more information regarding seasonal activities, amenities, and nightly rates.


Private gate entry with a unique secured wifi code provided per reservation for treehouse access.


Winding Springs Vista is a 508 square foot custom built treehouse accommodating up to 6 people, with a master bedroom queen bed, a pull-out sleeper sofa, and a loft that contains 2 single bunk beds. Bathroom with a shower. The kitchenette offers a 2 burner countertop stove and a half size fridge. Features a four season balcony with a large expansive deck that has table/chairs to enjoy the views of the hills and stream below.


Treehouse features a Keurig coffee maker. On the Pre-Arrival form, if you respond "Yes" you will receive a few complimentary coffee or tea from a local favorite business. Toiletries include Michigan hand made bath soap bar, shampoo, conditioner and lotions.

Cleaning: At TreeVistas, we feel that nowhere should your comfort be more important than in our guest room.
In addition to our existing cleaning protocols, we disinfect key surfaces in the guest room as part of our commitment to providing guests with a clean/safe comfortable space.

House Rules

Tree Vistas Rules. In addition to all of the other terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and any rules of our Third-party Suppliers, you also agree that you will adhere to all of the “Tree Vista Rules” set forth in this Section 14 and its subsections. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that your failure to comply with these Tree Vistas Rules may disturb neighbors or other Guests, cause reputational harm, diminish brand value, and/or result in potentially unfavorable but incalculable near-term, medium-term, or long-term community opinions or regulatory changes that could detrimentally effect Tree Vistas. The Tree Vista Rules are:
a. You must behave in a civilized manner and be good neighbors, respecting the rights of all surrounding property owners;
b. Do not create any noise or disturbance likely to disturb or annoy any surrounding property owner(s) and adhere to Tree Vista’s quiet hours (10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. local time);
c. Hunting is strictly forbidden at the Property;
d. Do not shoot or discharge any type of firearm while at the Property;
e. No fireworks are allowed on the Property at anytime;
f. You must keep the Accommodation clean, tidy, and orderly, and leave the Accommodation in the same or better condition as you found it;
g. Except for service animals, you may not keep or take any pets or animals onto the Tree Vistas Property at any time. Please note that if you bring an animal on the Property or into an Accommodation, you will be asked to remove the animal and may be asked to leave the Property and forfeit your Booking. If it is determined during the routine post-visit cleaning that an animal was brought onto the Accommodation during your stay, a fee of $500.00 will be charged to you as an additional cleaning fee as we will be required to conduct a deep-cleaning to assure that there remain no allergens that might affect our future Guests. If we confirm that you brought a pet to the Property, we will block you from making future Bookings with Tree Vistas.;
h. Not do anything that will or might constitute a breach of any consents in relation to the Accommodation or that will or might be in breach (in whole or in part) of any insurance in effect with respect of the Accommodation from time to time;
i. If the Accommodation is part of a building or complex with common areas, not obstruct or leave any objects or waste in any common areas;
j. Not leave any object, waste, or obstruction outside of the Accommodation;
k. Not do or permit to be done in, on or around the Accommodation anything which is or which may be or become a nuisance (whether actionable or not), damage, annoyance, inconvenience, or disturbance to Tree Vistas, or to tenants or occupiers of the building or any owner or occupier of any neighboring property, including, inter alia, playing loud music or musical instruments, smoking, dancing, entertaining at the Accommodation, or moving furniture;
l. Refrain from conducting any illegal activity in, on, around, or from the Accommodation, including, but not limited to, illegal drug possession or use, production, sale or purchase;
m. Not violate any law or ordinance, including any noise ordinance;
n. Not conduct any business or commercial activity whatsoever in, on, around, or from the Accommodation. This includes film, video, digital, and photo shoots without Tree Vistas’ prior approval;
o. Not make any change, modification, alteration, or addition whatsoever to the Accommodation or its contents;
p. Not use the Accommodation for any purpose other than for personal accommodation;
q. Not hold any events, gatherings, parties or similar, regardless of duration, unless Tree Vistas has provided prior, written approval of the event;
r. Not invade the privacy of any of Tree Vistas’ neighbors, if any, or publish or reveal anything that might allow a Third-party to identify the address of the Accommodation or the identity any of the neighbors of the Accommodation, if any, or any personal information regarding such neighbors, if any, or the Accommodation (even if such information is already in the public domain);
s. Acknowledge and obey Tree Vistas’ rules and be mindful of potential risks including, without limitation, balconies, activity around streams & rivers, trails and difficult terrain, and other recreational areas and equipment;
t. Not to access any cupboard, drawers, or storage areas that are locked or otherwise barred from access. You may be subject to a charge for any attempt to open any such locked, secured, or restricted area;
u. Respect and follow all check-out procedures in connection with your Booking;
v. Refrain from moving or altering a log/rock/landscape of any kind;
w. Tree carving, felling trees or otherwise molesting flora or fauna at the Property is expressly forbidden;
x. Park ONLY in designated parking spaces;
y. Use only firewood that is provided by Tree Vistas and you are not to cut any standing or down trees at the Property;
z. If you choose to have an outdoor campfire, you MUST keep all outdoor fires within the designated firepits ONLY!
aa. Do not trespass on the lands of Tree Vistas’ neighbors. We will provide to you a map of the Property and you may use private roads identified on that map as being available to you, public roads that connect to the property, State of Michigan DNR trails that connect to the property, and natural lakes and rivers that connect to the Property. If public lands adjoin the Property, you may enter those public lands from the Property through designated access points. Otherwise, you must stay within the clearly-marked boundaries of the Property;
bb. You may not stay at the Property for more than 7 days.
cc. There is NO smoking of any substance while in or around the Accommodation.

Cancellation Policy

4. Cancellations. In addition to Listing-specific cancellation policies set forth in your Booking Confirmation and/or the applicable House Rules, the following general Booking cancellation policies shall apply to all Tree Vistas Bookings and Accommodations:

a. Extenuating Circumstances Cancellations by Tree Vistas. Except in extenuating circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Tree Vistas, as determined by Tree Vistas in good faith in its sole and absolute discretion, Tree Vistas will endeavor to not cancel a Booking once a Booking Confirmation has been sent. Should Tree Vistas need to cancel your Booking due to extenuating circumstances, Tree Vistas will contact you and may try to arrange for an alternative accommodation for you during the Accommodation Period. If Tree Vistas is unable to assist in finding suitable alternative accommodations for the Accommodation Period in the event of a cancellation due to extenuating circumstances, Tree Vistas will credit or refund you consistent with these Terms. You agree that Tree Vistas and any Third-party Suppliers will have no responsibility or liability as a result of a cancellation of a Booking. For the avoidance of doubt, should you fail to adhere to Tree Vistas rules or commit any anticipatory breach of this Agreement, including, without limitation, by indicating any intention not to adhere to Tree Vistas Rules, the applicable House Rules, and/or any one or more of the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement or your Booking Confirmation, your Booking may be cancelled, and such cancellation will not be deemed due to extenuating circumstances.

b. Cancellations by Tree Vistas. In the event, that Tree Vistas cancels your Booking for any reason, Tree Vistas will notify you as soon as is commercially reasonable under the circumstances, typically immediately upon cancellation. Tree Vistas may, at its sole and exclusive election, offer a substitute Accommodation comparable to the Accommodation originally booked. Should you accept such substitute, you agree that you will remain bound by these Terms as well as the applicable House Rules and policies for that substitute Accommodation. Should you decline the alternative, Accommodation, or should Tree Vistas be unable or unwilling to offer an alternative, Tree Vistas may, subject to these Terms, credit or refund you up to the full amount that you paid to Tree Vistas for your Booking.

c. Cancellations &/or Date Change by You. We certainly understand that it is sometimes necessary to change or cancel a Booking. Please understand that we are a small business and cancellations may have a huge financial impact us. We ask for your understanding in respecting our cancellation, change or refund policies. Should you elect to cancel your confirmed Booking, you agree that you will be bound by the applicable Listing-specific cancellation policy, which may result in partial or total forfeiture by you of certain fees. You agree that a condition precedent to booking an Accommodation is that you agree to all of these Terms (including in relation to the appointment of Third-Party Suppliers) and further agree to be bound by all of Tree Vistas Rules and any applicable House Rules prior to your occupying a substitute Accommodation. You agree that any failure by you to adhere to Tree Vistas Rules, House Rules or any breach or anticipatory breach of this Agreement, without limitation, will be deemed a cancellation by you of your Booking, as determined by Tree Vistas in its sole and absolute discretion, and any applicable refunds will be determined by Tree Vistas on the basis that the Booking was cancelled by you. Nothing in this subsection should be construed as limiting any of Tree Vistas’ rights, remedies, defenses, or ability to collect or pursue additional sums from you for violations of Tree Vistas Rules, any House Rules, damages to an Accommodation, or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with these Terms. All such rights, remedies, defenses, and abilities are hereby expressly reserved.

i. Cancellation/Date Change Requests. To request a date change or cancellation, you MUST make your request in writing and deliver it to us at [email protected].

ii. Date Changes/Change Fee. We understand that, from time to time, normal life circumstances force us all to ask for changes. For that reason, Tree Vistas may, in its sole and absolute discretion, approve your request to change the date(s) of your Accommodation Period. However, if Tree Vistas denies your request to change dates, your request will be treated as a cancellation by you, in which case Tree Vistas’ usual cancellation policies shall apply. If you request a change to your Accommodation Period, and the change request is made between 30 and 14 days prior to your agreed upon Accommodation Period, then you will be authorizing Tree Vistas to collect an additional $150 administrative change fee if Tree Vistas approves the change. If your approved change request causes a change to your Accommodation Fee (e.g., you request an additional day, or shorten the Accommodation Period by a day, or change the Accommodation Period to dates where higher rates apply, etc.), then Tree Vistas will adjust your Accommodation Fee accordingly. Tree Vistas may reject any and all Accommodation Period change request made less than 14 days prior to your reserved Accommodation Period and, in that case, you will remain responsible for the applicable Accommodation Fees.

iii. Grace Period. Within twenty-four (24) hours of the sooner of your request to book an Accommodation or our transmission of a Booking Confirmation, you may cancel your Booking for a full refund, without penalty provided that such cancellation occurs no later than 24 hours prior to commencement of your Accommodation Period as specified on your Booking Confirmation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you request a Booking within 24 hours prior to the commencement of your requested Accommodation Period, the grace period is one (1) hour. In the event of such a short-notice cancellation, you will be responsible for any and all Service Fees collected by the payment processor involved in the transaction, as those Service Fees are non-refundable transaction fees collected by the payment processing center, and not by Tree Vistas.

iv. Cancellations More Than 30 Days Prior. If you cancel your Booking more than 30 days prior to the first day of your Accommodation Period, then you will be entitled to receive a full refund of the Accommodation Fee that you paid to Tree Vistas, less the initial Service Fees paid, as the Service Fees are a non-refundable transaction fee collected by the payment processing center and not by Tree Vistas.

v. Cancellations Less Than 30 Days Prior. If you cancel your Booking less than 30 days prior to the first day of your Accommodation Period, then you will be entitled to receive a refund as outlined below:

1. Guests cancel between 14-30 days before Check-in. You will be entitled to receive an amount equal to fifty (50%) percent of the Accommodation Fee that you paid to Tree Vistas. You will not be entitled to recover any portion of the initial Service Fees paid, as the Service Fees are a non-refundable transaction fee collected by the payment processing center and not by Tree Vistas.

2. Guests cancel less than 14 days before Check-in. No refund will be entitled or issued.


Cable TV
Air Conditioning
Air Filter
Indoor Fireplace
Smoke Detector
Fire Extinguisher
Baby Travel Bed
Baby High Chair
CD/DVD Player
Board Games
Towels Provided
Ceiling Fan
Hair Dryer
Crockery Cutlery
Pots Pans
Microwave / Oven
Water Kettle
Coffee Maker
Alarm System
Internet Wifi
Ipod Station
Steam Room
Safe Box
Smart Home
Ironing Facilities
First Aid Kit
Safety Card
Has Buzzer
Has Cat
Has Dog
Has Other Pet
Hot Water
Cooking Basics
Has Surveillance
Linens Provided


Hot Tub
Free Parking
Balcony Terrasse
Sea View
Gated Property
Private Entrance
Deck / Patio


Basketball Court
Cinema Room
Is Wheelchair Accessible
Massage Room
Pool Table
Soccer Field
Has Tennis
Wine Cellar
Lock On Bedroom
Family Friendly
24 Checkin
Water Front
Lake Access
Beach Front
Ski-In Ski-Out
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Washer Lawn Game
Treehouse Swing
Bike Rack
Animal Scavenger Hunt
Campfire Pits

Availability calendar

Brian Z. - October 1st, 2023
Very clean, well decorated. Great location. Peaceful with awesome views out every window. The shower was a great surprise and unique. Will be back.

Bennett S. - September 30th, 2023
One of the best places I’ve stayed. So pretty and such a relaxing location

Susan L Barry
Signs for parking at 4200 need to be big and clear! $128 to get towed out of the mud! Saw the parking for Tree Vista but didn’t think it was 4200 cuz we couldn’t see treehouse from road. Heating was a challenge! No where did instructions say to put Sun on the remote. We just were putting temp up. Lastly, wasps were everywhere in the house. Many were dead and remaining were flying around. Probably 30 picked up and thrown in trash. The house itself was magnificent!!! Sooooo cool!!! Love all the attention to detail and unique touches, like the wall fireplace and the beautiful shower with that magic glass remote!!!! Awesome views out the many windows!! Just those 3 tweeks and you’re good!!! Tree Vistas Response: Thanks Susan for the review. We're happy most of your stay was as expected. We are sorry the parking signage was missed and it created an unpleasant first experience to the property. We try and provide every detail to support usage of Treehouse appliances, with color coded detailed instructions for our guests. We hope you will stay again!

Kenneth D. - September 26th, 2023
Peaceful & Filled With Nature
Our stay in the treehouse was fantastic. The structure is incredible and the outdoor amenities are top tier. Fire pits, hikes, river fronts. Loved this stay.

Adam E. - September 25th, 2023
Great weekend getaway for a Glamper
The Treehouse was everything we were looking for. Tranquil, clean, and close enough to enjoy without going all the way up north. I have a boot on my foot so we weren't able to take advantage of a lot of the outdoor activities that we would have normally embarked on. However, I was able to hobble down to Grand River (8-10 min walk) and do some fishing. I landed a dozen or more smallmouth bass, with the largest being 5lbs. We also patronized a lot of the local businesses and restaurants. I don't know if it's enough room to bring more than two adults and two small children, but I would think it's perfect for a family of 4 (except only one bathroom). My wife and I really enjoyed the stay and would definitely do it again in the future.

Michelle D. - September 19th, 2023
Wonderful Stay!
Wonderful stay! The winding springs treehouse has so much to offer. Very clean inside and out. We stayed two nights and didn’t leave the treehouse. We enjoyed our walks to the river at night and day. Hung around the fire pit and took in the nature all around us. We hope to come visit again.

Shirlee H. - September 7th, 2023
Luxury Treehouse
Had a great stay in Ionia at Tree Vistas! Almost everything ( other than weather and well water) was perfect! The place is beautiful and well laid out! Loved the view at night, the cook out area, hammock, swing , and babbling stream. Communication was great and supplies were very good. Would have expected steps to cookout area to be cleared better as it’s easy to fall and better quality toilet paper but otherwise all was great! Would love to come back when have kayak rentals as well. A very different experience and relaxing and did feel peaceful. Loved the open windows and the blocking light option in the showed as well as the optional window blinds. Thanks for making it a special celebration!

Kay M. - September 3rd, 2023
Very relaxing and close to bike trail!! One thing off my bucket list, spending the night in a treehouse

Lacy - August 13th, 2023
Everything was perfect! I love the detailed emails and texts. We had no issues and everything we needed.

Kelleysue W. - August 11th, 2023
We loved our stay at the treehouse. I read about it in Midwest living magazine and decided to bring my 6 and 7 year old. They loved being able to see into the trees. We saw deer, rabbits, squirrel s, chipmunks, and opossum. We liked having the trails close. We will definitely be coming back next summer for a longer stay.

Susan - August 3rd, 2023
Exceeded expectations
A true sanctuary with great attention paid to details that matter. A magical place to spend time with family, friends or alone.

Rachael R. - August 1st, 2023
Perfect weekend getaway with friends
Greg was extremely helpful with providing us with assistance prior to checking in and during our stay. The treehouse is gorgeous and the fire pit was perfect. Our group’s favorite part was having breakfast on the deck!

Steven L. - July 24th, 2023
Great place
Great place and looked beautiful. Will definitely visit again. Not the best service/ WiFi is the only downfall of place.

Ayesha S. - July 20th, 2023
Winding Springs Treehouse Review
My daughter’s birthday present was an overnight trip to the treehouse and it was absolutely perfect! The treehouse was beautiful and so was the property! We loved the treehouse grounds and the treehouse was very clean with so many wonderful features!

Marjorie H. - July 19th, 2023
Winding Springs Treehouse
What a relaxing get-away place! We loved our days there! Just a couple of suggestions for improvement - the bathroom door hinges should be oiled so the door does not make so much noise if people get up during the night to use it. Also the living room couch bed could use at least one smooth sheet for a light covering instead of just the heavy duvet and bumpy little blanket. We had trouble getting our phones to work on WiFi there, and did not see the reminder list of what we should do before leaving until after we were home. I think we did most of those things though!

Mary T. - July 14th, 2023
We enjoyed our overnight stay very much. Everything was very clean and well kept. Unfortunately we had a lightning storm most of the night. It would have been helpful to have had access to shades on the windows. However this would not keep us from a return trip. It was a fun getaway.

Pam T., July 13th, 2023
Very peaceful and they've thought of everything! The property is incredible and very quiet. My two grandsons, ages 4 and 7, thought it was the best things ever and spent their days exploring, fishing, hiking, catching fireflies and eating smores! We all loved it!

Amanda D. - July 4th, 2023
Peaceful experience
This property was lovely. I rented out this vista for my son's birthday. The kids loved and enjoyed the beautiful landscape, especially the tree house. We had so much fun!

Beth A. C. - June 29th, 2023
Stay at tree vista's
It was a great experience. Had a fantastic time. The tree house was amazing.

Steven W. - June 28th, 2023
Our one night stay
We only booked for one night because it was booked up for any other possible days at this time. An hour after we got there it stormed the whole time so weather didn't Cooperate with us. The house is beautiful! We didn't mind the storm and had a great time. Very clean inside and out. Saw 🦌 and othe wildlife. We did get down to the grand river and it was beautiful. Next time we will make it a nice picnic and have a fire. Had a great time and will be back again. Really only thing I would recommend is tarps over the wood pile at the river and tree house. Enjoyed every minute. Thanks

Kristen C. - June 26th, 2023
Secluded paradise
We loved the privacy and quiet Tree Vistas provided. The Treehouse and property are great, the location along the stream made for a tranquil experience. The house was well equipped. I might suggest bringing an oscillating fan if it’s hot and you’re going to use the loft. Otherwise, the house and property are well equipped.

Joni D. - June 24th, 2023
The perfect place to hang out with lifelong friends for a few days. The grounds are lovely and the tree house was just right ❤️

Rebecca M. - June 19th, 2023
We had a wonderful stay at Winding Springs Treehouse! The treehouse was very clean and it was beautiful inside and out. The surrounding nature was so relaxing and we felt recharged after our 2 nights there. Lots of wildlife to watch and enjoy too! We highly recommend this place to stay!

Marilyn T. - June 16th, 2023
Great place to stay!
The tree house is amazing, lots to see and do, so relaxing!

Angela S - June 4th, 2023
Amazing time!
We had an amazing time at the tree vistas! Everything we needed for a quick getaway. Everything was new and clean, the beds and couch were super comfortable. We had fun following the path down to the river. I was worried about being out in the woods but we felt 100% safe and loved all the privacy. Thank you, we hope to come back again.

LD - May 30th, 2023
A breeze in the trees
Our family of 4 enjoyed this treehouse getaway--relatively secluded and with most everything you need. It really is as lovely as it looks in the photos. Kitchen was sparse but adequate. We enjoyed both the charcoal grill and the firepit. When the internet dropped, we got a quick response to fix it. It would be a great location to bring bikes and a kayak if you have them.

Thomas R. - May 24th, 2023
YES...You want to rent a Treehouse!
Staying at Winding Springs Treehouse was a most unique experience! We were very secluded and definitely one with nature. We had excellent weather which contributed to having a bon fire nightly and cooking all of our meals outside. Three deer walked through the property early morning and we were able to watch them from bed. In keeping the place clean, one or two more garbage bags would have helped as we grilled mostly in foil pans that took up garbage space. It was not a big deal. The only criticism we have is the stairs leading to the fire pit need to be made safer. A railing even made from tree branches is needed and the steps might be bigger and less steep. We hope the plan is to build more treehouses as we have told too many friends and you are almost booked solid through September! Last but not least the location on the bike path was amazing and we had a deer cross right in front of us on the path! Congrats on a job well done that allows people to get to be one with nature in a most special setting with excellent accommodations! Thank you for the Experience! TV Response: Thanks so much for the great review. The staircase to the campfire is on our property improvement list. Thanks for staying with us!

Crystal P. - May 21st, 2023
Pure paradise!
Had an amazing time. So peaceful and beautiful! Can't wait to return!

Jennifer T. - May 11th, 2023
Wonderful Getaway!!!
We had an amazing little family getaway! The accommodations were exactly what we were looking for! The grounds and home were well kept and very clean. The small soaps smelled wonderful and I appreciated that they were from a small Michigan company. Pans and dishes were provided. I did wish there was a large bowl of some sort for mixing, but we made due with what we had. All in all, we had a great time!

Michelle S. J. - May 8th, 2023
There is so much to love! The external and internal design, the blending with the natural environment, the spacious use of the square footage, the windows, the fire pit and wood, the proximity to the Grand River and especially the creek in the hills were all quite magical. A larger part for popcorn or soup would be lovely!

Tara N - April 16th, 2023
Amazing time
It was one of the best experiences my kids and I have had in a while

Renee K - April 10th, 2023
A Peaceful Family Retreat
Our family of five had a great weekend at the treehouse! Such an amazing and peaceful space to unplug and unwind - perfect for family walks, game nights and restful sleep (beds were super comfortable). Easy day trips to Ada/Grand Rapids.

Pat H. - April 5th, 2023
Pat, Grand Rapids
Delightful tightly packed full amenities accommodations. Gramma and 10 and 11 year old grandchildren stayed two nights in torrential rain, wind and sunshine. Could not have a campfire due to the wind and rain but plenty of amenities inside. Wonderful windows, tight against the wind and rain. Sighted deer , assorted birds and other beauty of the outdoors. Plenty of dishes, pans for hot plate, storage for leftover salad. Not for the faint of heart as it is a bit of a walk uphill to the treehouse. Kids thought it was the best. Said it might be too small for them and their parents as only one bathroom but I reminded them their parents grew up with 5 people on one bathroom!!

Nikki M. - March 19th, 2023
Hidden Gem
We had an absolutely amazing stay! The treehouse is the perfect weekend getaway. It was a close commute from metro Detroit. The sounds of a babbling brook greet you, as soon as you step out of the car. The treehouse itself is stunning. We stayed in March and the backdrop was still beautiful even without the canopy of leaves in the trees. We watched the snow fall and the trees sway all while staying cozy and warm. The local coffee that they provided was a nice added touch and quite delicious. We found that we had brought too many supplies. Everything that you might need was there including a few games like Jenga. There were ample kitchen supplies including pans. The hot plate worked well to whip up dinner. We enjoyed the added bonus of the river being a short walk. I would have loved to explore the trail had the weather been warmer. What a gem of a find!!! We would love to come back for another stay.

Meagan T. - April 1st, 2023
Family Vacation
We had a great visit for a short spring break family vacation. My kids (ages 6 and 9) loved exploring and the bunk beds. We brought lots of board games and our own food (note- no oven so plan accordingly). We had plenty of room and we’re very comfortable. Overall it was a great experience and perfect for any family looking for an off the beaten path, low-key, unplugged family vacation.

Brian K. - March 31st, 2023
March 26-29
Good afternoon, My wife and I had a great time. The attention to detail was amazing. We had some difficulty with the satellite tv, but not that big a deal. It was nice having all the amenities, helps make traveling easier. I know mu wife responded as well but there were a few of the lights out on the walking paths and the hand rail for the fire pit was lose in the dirt. I hope we can come back and visit again. Respectfully, Tree Vistas Response - thanks so much for the great review. We always appreciate the feedback and routinely check and replace lights around the house that will improve the safety for our guests. We hope you will visit again soon!

Lauren E. - March 15th
Amazing Stay
My husband and I booked a stay here to celebrate our anniversary and the upcoming birth of our first child. As soon as we entered the gates, we were instantly greeted by the beautiful treehouse and landscape lights that illuminate your way there. The detail of this accommodation is outstanding and it was a great place to truly relax. We loved being surrounded by a quiet forested area and all of the windows that outlooked it. The shower was AMAZING as it had the option for frosted or clear glass that overlooks the creek in the backyard. They even wrote us a personal note on the chalkboard which made the stay even more enjoyable. You are provided with great amenities and only wish we could have taken advantage of the firepit/bbq area but we encountered rain on our trip. Would love to stay here again in the future!

Jeremy E - March 14th, 2023
Who knew?!
We tend to think we need to drive a few hours north for the beautiful Northwoods. Tree Vista's is just a hop, skip & jump away for us Western/Central MI folks. The drive is through historic Ionia on a brick road to a country road to a dirt road in the bluffs of the Grand River. This tree house is located perfectly above a literal babbling brook (imagine falling asleep or waking up to that 🧘). The owners have I it set up perfectly for a local getaway with a far away feel. Lit paths to the walking trail and river w/ fishing and campfire spot down by the river as well. To include a campfire next to the Treehouse. The treehouse was built as to not disturb a single tree even the saplings. Enjoy the stay, but watch out for the spiral staircase. It likes to jump out and bump your noggin.

Janice - March 13th, 2023
Secluded and Peaceful
A surprise overnight for my husband’s birthday. Beautiful property, very secluded. Perfectly clean and well kept. Relaxing evening enjoying the scenery and watching the snowfall.

Shelley L - March 5th, 2023
A Secret little Gem ❤️
A fun experience! A beautiful place in the woods. Very private and very clean. I recommend!

Christina L - February 27th, 2023
Exceeded expectations. Clean...views from every window that will take your breath away. Waking up to a wall of Windows, seeing nothing but nature... modern, smart, and well thought out.

Lee S - February 20th, 2023
Unique Experience
Overall really great experience. Well constructed and beautiful treehouse. Lots of great features inside and out. One opportunity for improvement, please add handles to the grill grates so they can be adjusted while cooking.

Tracy H - February 19th, 2023
Everything was beautiful, this was not our first stay.

Alexis L. - February 6th, 2023
Beautiful Treehouse
The treehouse was so beautiful. The view out the bedroom windows was so picturesque with the snow on the ground in the woods. The directions were very easy to follow to get to the treehouse. It was close to town to go to the store and out to eat. I definitely recommend!

Julie K. - January 27th, 2023
It was a girls getaway! Had an amazing stay. The treehouse is absolutely beautiful. Very clean and had all the things we needed. We started with a beautiful walk around the grounds. Then enjoyed the cozy treehouse while enjoying our snacks with a good movie. Later we enjoyed a great winter fire in their very nice fire pit located a short distance from the treehouse. Very well lit pathways make it easy to enjoy a nighttime walk not to mention how pretty it lit up the grounds! We highly recommend staying here. Thank you so much to the staff for a great stay!!

Zinta A - January 21st, 2023
Respite from civilization
A weekend away in the woods, what a pleasure. A group of us, family and friends, took the weekend at the Treehouse to celebrate two milestone birthdays, and the experience was memorable. There were six of us, five adults and a child, and there was room enough for all, although I would recommend for two or four as ideal. Clean, large windows with great views, beautifully thought out. We spotted a small herd of deer strolling by in the morning, enjoyed a walk down to the Grand River. Management was responsive when we had a question. Bedding was very comfortable. Kitchen utensils and cookware provided, although we could have used a pot to warm up our homemade tomato soup. I would like to return in warmer seasons when we could spend more time enjoying the many outdoor features of firepits and grills and a hammock under the trees. Highly recommended.

Duane H. - Jan 13th, 2023
Vista ionia
Everything was great except the wifi Tree Vistas Response: Thanks for your review. We identified that we had one guest site running at both 2.4 and 5GHz. If a device for example is not 5 GHz capable it may connect and get stuck. To correct this issue we now have 2 unique guest channels, one for each. MI Tree Vistas Guest 2 GHz and MI Tree Vistas Guest 5 GHz. Both channels have the same password to easily access.

Leslie - January 2nd, 2023
Great place
Great place! Very peaceful and quiet. Place is tiny but beautiful

Rheanna - January 1st, 2023
New Years Eve stay
We had so much fun with our family at your Tree house. Everything was very nice. The beds were very comfortable. We loved exploring the grounds and the kids loved the hammock. The one thing I would suggest is shades on the windows so that there is an option to block out the pathway lights at night and the sunlight in the morning. We will definitely suggest your Tree house to our friends and family. Thank you!

Jen H. - December 30th, 2023
Perfect Winter Escape!
I’ve had my eye on a treehouse rental for a few years, but the closest ones to us in SE Michigan were southern Ohio and booked almost a year out. I was so excited to hear about Tree Vistas, less than a two hour drive from Metro Detroit! The website pics are completely accurate—the house was extremely clean and smelled like fresh pine! The heat worked really well. The three rolls of toilet paper, roll of paper towel, and single garbage bag provided were enough for four people for a three night stay. There is a Dollar General within ten minutes. Meijer within 15 for any major items needed. There was plenty of firewood provided even with us having a fire going daily. There was a lot more down by the fire pit at the river, too. Loved the pull out couch that made a great comfy space for family games. I was nervous about the water smell based on another review (and am generally not a fan of well-water), but there was no smell at all! Plenty of hot water. Washer and dryer worked well. I did bring a little white noise machine for sleeping. Bring some dish soap. Hot plate worked great. We enjoyed the Alibi and Four Friars for dinners, Sozo for coffee, and had fun at the local bowling alley. Lots of wildlife to be seen. Enjoyed looking at animal tracks in the snow. The lack of window covering at night made this city girl a little uneasy at first, but you realize that you can’t see much when you’re outside because of the angle and height of the house. You can turn the shower glass either clear or frosted. Bring boots. 2-3 nights is perfect to get the experience. Not sure what long list of check out instructions another reviewer was referring to; we found it pretty basic. Would love to come back and see the property in the other seasons! Book this place today before word gets out!

Brenton - December 11th, 2022
Awesome Weekend!
What you see in the pictures is exactly what you get. Great property, really unique and upscale treehouse, comfy beds, and a beautiful property. My wife, our 4 little kids, and I had a blast. We’ll definitely be coming back!

Kost - December 3rd, 2022
Everything was very clean and the treehouse was beautiful! Enjoyed our stay and hope to be back soon!!

Carol - November 26th, 2022
Wonderful escape!
The tree house is an amazing escape. It is so clean and well kept. A few miles outside of Ionia, a charming little town, Wingding Springs is the perfect way to escape your to do list, your umbrella me bond with your phone/computer, if even for one night. Wonderful hiking trails and a great view of the Grand River. Highly recommend. I will book again.

Patricia - November 23rd, 2022
Beautiful setting!
Loved it!! Comfortable and clean. Only issue was spotty internet. We walked the trail and ate at some good restaurants : )

Kimberley - November 20th, 2022
Winter Wonderland!
We loved our time at the winding springs treehouse. We were there during the November snowstorm and stayed warm and cozy. It was the perfect getaway for our family. We were able to relax and unwind before the holiday season kicked off. The woods are beautiful, especially when snowcovered. We were able to see deer. It was magical.

Robert - November 18th, 2022
Tree House
This was one of the most beautiful spots that we have ever stayed. At first, we were disappointed because could only secure a reservation in November, missing out on the chance to hike, ride bikes, etc. Then, we got heavy snowfall while there. The view outside was exceptional during the evening and overnight. The tree house is beautiful in design & layout, surrounded by a thick forest. A great spot.

Dave - November 17th, 2022
Great place
Beautiful place. The property is absolutely awesome. I used it, to get engaged.

Jennifer - November 8th, 2022
Nature retreat
Absolutely exceeded our expectations!! We all felt like kids in a treehouse that we could only imagine building and enjoying! Can’t wait to return!!! Only problem was the password for the internet didn’t seem to work but really that was such a minor problem and really helped us to disconnect even more!!

Teri - November 16th, 2022
Needs comphy chairs on inside porch, and up in bedroom. Direction for electronics (shower or TV).

Greg - November 14th, 2022
Honeymoon Weekend
The treehouse was a wonderful place to spend our honeymoon weekend! We loved the tranquility & secluded wooded area. Previous person reviewing on Google did not like the path lights, we thought they were a great addition for night time walking. The master bedroom views are awesome! A great addition would be a pair of robes, as other luxury locations we have visited have provided. Very pleasant experience…would love to return in the summer! Feedback: would suggest a property map & additional marked trials in the woods, salt & pepper and fragrance free pillows. Bed was extremely comfortable, fireplace was a nice touch and we enjoyed the fire pit & swing. Heat was very good & easy to control. Clean & cozy! :)

Lisa - November 12th, 2022
Great Family Getaway
Our family stayed for 3 nights in November and had the best time. It is so peaceful and the views from everywhere are breathtaking. Had a little struggle figuring out the ductless hvac unit and the water was a little Sulphury but otherwise we absolutely loved it. The stream running through the property and laying in the hammock were my favorite things. We'll be back for sure ❤

Regina - November 7th, 2022
Treehouse Adventure
There was an issue that was resolved. The owners responded to me with fairness, kindness, and understanding. This was a unique experience! The Treehouse was a great way to have a memorable mother/daughters getaway! Tree Vistas Response - We are sorry you experienced a power outage that affected West Michigan, but happy you still had an enjoyable visit!

Beth - October 27th, 2022
Beyond our expectations
This is simply a gorgeous place. Everything is so well thought out. The workmanship on the treehouse is beautiful. It was snug and warm. The setting is beautiful. There are lovely views from each room. The architectural details (like the floor to ceiling windows and the round wall in the bedroom) are stunning. We plan to return and have already told several people about. our experience. Thank you.

David - November 5th, 2022
Beautiful Place
My wife and I had an amazing stay, and loved the personal touches that were an added surprise! I highly recommend the tree house to everyone and we can't wait to come back again. (We found 4 of the chipmunk/squirrel carvings hidden about)

J. Wright. - October 30th, 2022
Quiet get-away
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Winding Springs Treehouse. It was a very peaceful place; clean, quiet, and just the right amount of room. The bed on the main floor was comfortable, and the view from every window was great!

Mary - October 31st, 2022
Lovely and charming
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Winding Springs! We appreciated the thoughtful touches, such as the portable game table, coffee, and plentiful firewood, although we did not have a campfire. The lodge itself is beautiful and very comfortable. It was wonderful waking up with the view of the woods and spring outside the window, and I was treated to the sight of a fat squirrel scrambling down a tree just outside the shower! Looking forward to return visits and having the opportunity to explore more of the trails.

Jacqueline - October 15th, 2022
A Dream
Our stay at Tree Vistas was an absolute dream. The tree house was clean, warm and cozy. The handwritten note was a nice touch to the surprise birthday getaway I planned for my husband. The grounds were stunning, and we loved hearing the sound of the creek while enjoying the fire outside. We can’t wait to come again!

Terri - October 19th, 2022
Beautiful place.
Love the quality of the furnishings and unique architecture. Grounds were lovely but due to the weather we were unable to truly enjoy the area. Would recommend having a kitchen towel to be able to fully dry the dishes. Otherwise it was a wonderful experience. Would like to return in better weather someday. Tree Vistas response: We do have drying towels in the treehouse and appreciate your feedback and visit.

Sara - October 18th, 2022
Great, comfortable get away
My husband and two young kids and I had a fantastic time. The treehouse was cozy, comfortable and charming. We loved the views from every angle and easy access to the forest, river, fire ring and walking paths. We are avid campers and hikers and thoroughly enjoyed the ease and comforts the tree house offered. We'll be back again!

Stephanie - October 16th, 2022
Truly a special place
The treehouse and the property are incredibly beautiful. My family enjoyed exploring and spending time together here. We saw many deer on the path to the river. While at the campfire at night next to the treehouse, a coyote kept howling very close to us. It was just a cool experience to stay here and this place is really special.

Kathy - October 12th, 2022
Great title. Describes what it is. A beautiful house in the trees
A very relaxing time in a lovely environment. Very clean. Weather was great. Had a wonderful time. A few suggestions: A small waste basket up stairs, A small stool to reach cups, a card table for games, perhaps a hair dryer. All in all it was wonderful. Would definitely come again. Tree Vistas Response: thank you for all the suggestions, we have added them all to the Treehouse.

Kristen - October 9th, 2022
Great Weekend Retreat
My fiance and I enjoyed our time here. It was extremely peaceful and serene. The beauty of the treehouse was incredible. There was so much detail and use of space. Waking up to looking right out those big windows in the morning was a great way to start the day. Sitting out on the swing, listening to the stream and the chipmunks was really relaxing. We are going to make this a yearly getaway.

Robbie - October 8th, 2022
Adventure in the woods
Had a great time- and shared pictures that will ultimately lead to more bookings for you. Thought you could have use a storage shelf or two- a bigger table and a tv in the master bedroom (but having DOSH TV out there was impressive). Overall, a unique experience..thanks

Webb - October 5th, 2022
We enjoyed our stay at Tree Vistas in the Fall. It was the perfect weather & change of season with the colors. If you love the outdoors, this is the place to relax & take in all that nature has to offer. No expense was spared in creating this beautiful place among the trees! Winding Spring Treehouse is luxury away from home & the perfect getaway. We will be back to enjoy in other seasons for years to come! Thank you for creating this oasis.

Randy - September 30th, 2022
50 year anniversary stay
The treehouse Vista is located in a very quiet and serene area. It was a fun and unique way to spend our 50th anniversary. It is a bit costly for a one night stay with all the fees. Even though it says it will sleep 6 we would suggest no more than 4 as it would be to crowded. Suggest bringing your own drinking water as water has a very high sulfur content. For the cost it would be nice if owners provided a couple of bottles of water. Could also use some storage space to place suitcases. Tree Vistas Response: thank you for the review and suggestions. We have added a water softener to address the sulfur issue.

Duane - September 19th, 2022
Wonderful Experience
This tree was was outstanding and over and above what we could have expected . The walking trails were great and perfect time of year

David - September 16th, 2022
Awesome place!
This was our first time staying and we will absolutely do it again! So quiet and peaceful, a great way to get away and relax. The location is perfect as the creek flows just below the treehouse, so it’s great to just sit outside and listen to the water and nature. The only constructive feedback would be to provide one additional sign near the entrance and/or parking area to indicate where the Grand River is located as this was a bit confusing for us when we first arrived. Tree Vistas Response: thank you for the review and suggestions. We have added both signs to help guests better navigate the property.

Teresa - September 15th, 2022
2 day stay
Really loved the house and grounds. Painstaking detail in all the woodwork was lovely. Stairs going to the Creek were dangerous. A handrail would help a lot. We are older and noticeable to us. Wonderful idea, wish you continued success.

Tracy - September 11th, 2022
This past week Steve and I celebrated our 43rd wedding Anniversary. First off thank you for all your shout outs.❤️. As many understand , life gets so busy, we either don’t have time or we don’t make time to stop, relax and breath. Take time to enjoy th
This past week Steve and I celebrated our 43rd wedding Anniversary. First off thank you for all your shout outs.❤️. As many understand , life gets so busy, we either don’t have time or we don’t make time to stop, relax and breath. Take time to enjoy the moment , Gods natural beauty, even if just for a simple weekend. Well this weekend we did just that. We rented and stayed at the Vista tree house just outside Ionia. It’s beautiful , peaceful and an amazing place to relax, regroup and spend some quality time with family, friends whomever. WE will definitely be back. I can’t say enough about this wonderful place to retreat. Look for your self❤️❤️. Go to TREE VISTAS, Winding Spring Tree House

Diane - September 6th, 2022
Turtle snoozing but who would want to....
Each step of the way was positive from booking to saying good bye. Greg was one of the gracious hosts I have ever met. Always aiming to please. I was so surprised of so much detail on the grounds. Solar lighting for safety and beautiful plantings along each step of the way. So glad we walked to the river where was another fire pit and grilling station for a fish fry. The tree house was so cool, especially at night. With two or more people it can get a bit tight but remember your in a TREE HOUSE!

SM - October 24th, 2022
Thank you
Our family had a lovely stay in the Winding Springs Treehouse. We enjoyed exploring nature, family games, and all of the thoughtful details of the house. Thank you for making this beautiful space available for us to enjoy.

Melissa - September 2nd, 2022
Great vacation
My family had a great time. The description is exactly correct with amenities. The laturn lit trail at night is beautiful.

Terry - August 29th, 2022
One night
A beautiful place and location! There were connectivity issues with internet but otherwise was a wonderful night. Tree Vistas response: we have improved the Wifi and connectivity to the Treehouse, but it's in the woods, so expect there may be interruptions or challenges with reception.

Kelly - August 28th, 2022
Peaceful getaway
Beautiful, secluded property with only a short drive into town. The grounds around the treehouse are well cared for and inviting. The treehouse itself is clean, quaint and well supplied. We really enjoyed our stay!

Stacie - August 24th, 2022
What a fantastic and peaceful spot. The treehouse itself is cozy, unique and perfect. The property is just right with firepits, hammock, swing and the amazing little brook running through. The attention to detail with the little décor everywhere and the easy to follow signage along the nature walk to the river. The additional picnic spot as the river was so lovely. Not having hardly any reception/cell phone service was tricky but, nice for a full excuse to unplug. Maybe a future treehouse could include a hot tub!

Amanda - August 21st, 2022
Perfect! Everything about this place is perfect! It’s a nice little getaway. We are planning on booking again!

Andrew - August 21st, 2022
Weekend getaway - relaxation
If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, look no further. This treehouse provides all the comforts of home, in a very serene setting. Open the windows, sit on the deck, or around the campfire and simply relax to the sound of the creek and wildlife. If you have ever listened to nature sounds as a way of getting to sleep, this location is the real-life version. The treehouse itself is inspirational. It is open, spacious, inviting, clean, up to date, and comfortable. In summary, this trip was just what we wanted. Time away from the hustle and bustle of city life for some true peace and relaxation. Mission accomplished!!

Sara - August 19th, 2022
You'll Want to Rebook as Soon as You Arrive
Tucked away from the rest of the world, it's easy to forget it all and just relax. The owners put so much thought and care into this place that you will honestly want for nothing. Every detail is there. As soon as you think you've forgotten something crucial, you will find it waiting for you. Half the fun is the discovery of it all, so no spoilers here, just take the chance and enjoy a trip to remember!

Christine. - August 16th, 2022
Phenomenal Experience
Everything about Winding Springs is exquisite! The home's craftsmanship is unparalleled. You can soend an entire day discoering and appreciating all the details. The hosts have put so much thought and care into the guest experience, right down to the local coffee and handmade soaps. The tree house and grounds are immaculate. The experience lives up to and exceeds the website description. Thank you for making this place available to others; it's a must visit for those seeking tranquility and connection with nature.